Mappy High Score Save Kit

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Mappy high score save kit.  Saves scores when game is powered off.
There are two versions of the Mappy ROM sets.  You can tell the version by the title screen that introduces the characters, "Mappy' as Micro-police and the big cat, "boss the big bit", how to tell the versions:

The big cat, "Boss the big bit" is called:

Version 1:   GORO 
Version 2:   NYAMCO
We must know which version of the Mappy ROMs you have on your board set!
Installation instructions:
  1. Remove RAM on the video board at location 2N.
  2. Replace the RAM at 2N with the non-volatile SRAM.
  3. Burn two new EPROMs for location 1B and 1D ( labelled Mappy1 & Mappy3 on my boards)
  4. Replace ROM 1B and 1D on the CPU board with the new ROMs.
  5. Power up the game and the high-scores are all zeroed to start with, plus they will not be lost after powerdown.