Bally/Williams System 11C MPU/Driver Board

Bally/Williams System 11C MPU/Driver Board

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Item #: MPU011C
This completely redesigned board replaces Williams & Bally System 11C MPU / Driver Board part numbers D-11883-xxx (where xxx is the game number). Our boards are plug-and-play compatible with the original board set (assuming the common 512k Game ROM). No special tools or mounting tricks are required and the swap can be done by even the most novice of "installers".
Benefits over the original board:
  • Williams type mounting holes for ease of install
  • No batteries required for memory retention (no acid damage, ever!)
  • Simplified driver design using logic level FETs
  • Upgraded switch matrix drive for better durablity (good to 100v back drive)
In addition:
  • Board is made with 100% through hole components
  • No custom parts used in this design (all parts can be purchased through usual suppliers)
  • Major component designators carried over from original design so original schematics can be used
  • Jumpers and ROM configurations clearly labeled on silk screen
  • Board comes jumpered for the 512k Game ROM (80% of games)
  • Board comes with complete set of schematics

Starting with version 3 of this board a DIP switch was added. DIP switch settings for Williams setup.

In order to keep the price of this board as low as possible, the baseline price does NOT include the microprocessor (6802) or the Game ROM(s) as all are socketed on the original board and can be moved to our new board fairly easily. We do offer these items as an option.

Supported games:

  • Bugs Bunny Birthday Ball
  • Diner
  • Dr. Dude (System 11 version)
  • Game Show, The Bally
  • Pool Sharks
  • Radical
  • Riverboat Gambler
  • Roller Games

If you want to order this board complete with game ROMs and microproessor ready to plug and play, give us a call at 229-941-2506.

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