Williams WPC-S Security MPU

Williams WPC-S Security MPU

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This board is a plug and play replacement for the original Bally / Williams WPC-S Security MPU processor board. The original MPU board that this board replaces is Bally / Williams part number A-17651-xx (where xx is the game number).

Key Benefits Over Original / Replacement Boards:
  • Remote battery holder, no future acid damage
  • ZERO surface mount components. This is not a throw away board
  • No aftermarket custom components
  • Socketed through hole socket for RAM Chip
  • All of our components match the original schematic component designators, so you can troubleshoot with the original schematics or our schematics!


This board does not include the game ROM, ASIC, Security Chip or Microprocessor in order to the price of the board as low as possible. The Game ROM, ASIC and Microprocessors rarely go bad and are socketed so they can be transplanted from the original board to our new board with minimum effort. These parts are optionally available.  This board requires a security chip which we do not offer.  You can use the chip from your original board or a new one cab obtained from another source.
Compatible with the following Bally / Williams Pinball Machines:
  • Corvette
  • Dirty Harry
  • Indianapolis 500
  • Jack-Bot
  • Johnny Mnemonic
  • No Fear
  • Red & Tedís Road Show
  • The Flintstones
  • The Pinball Circus
  • The Shadow
  • Theatre of Magic
  • WHO Dunnit
  • World Cup Soccer

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