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  • Stern/Konami Multigame Kit

Stern/Konami Multigame Kit

Currently not available to order
Konami/Stern multigame v3-0, April 2021. This is a set of four boards that plug into a standard working Super Cobra (or modified Scramble) board.
Please read the Installation Instructions before purchasing.
Current games included:
  • Armoured Car
  • Anteater
  • Tazz Mania
  • Stern Super Cobra
  • Stern Scramble (v1 and v2, easy and harder)
  • Stern Turtles
  • Konami Amidar
  • Frogger
  • Konami The End
  • Lost Tomb
  • Stern Rescue
  • Stern Minefield
Other games are currently being adapted to the multigame, and will be made available free of charge (you will need to program your game EEPROM and possibly the sound/graphics ROMs and color PROM)
  • Runs original game code, modified only for the different memory map of Super Cobra, and add extra features
  • Freeplay in all games
  • Full attract mode in free play setting (doesn’t sit there burning an image into the screen)
  • Multi-position high score table
  • Initials entry in high score table
  • DIP switch settings selected in software from the menu
  • DIP switches and high scores saved in non-volatile RAM (so they remain even when the games are powered down)
  • Option to reset DIP switches and high score table to default values from the menu (see below)
  • When in a game, hold P1 & P2 buttons to return to the menu (after a selectable predetermined time), this function can be disabled
  • Auto-boot on power-up to any game
  • Prevent access to the config menu
  • Memory test on startup
  • Supports Ultimarc servo sticks to automatically switch between 4-and 8-way joystick
  • Full support available from the developer
  • New features being added in each software update

You may need to desolder the color PROM and fit a socket.

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