• Braze Asteroids Deluxe Multigame Kit

Braze Asteroids Deluxe Multigame Kit

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Asteroids Deluxe Multigame kit add-on runs on an original Atari Asteroids Deluxe PCB and allows you to play Asteroids, Asteroids Deluxe and Lunar Lander.
Installation Instructions

  • Switch between games at any time by pressing and holding both start buttons at the same time. The game will instantly switch to the next game in the sequence. No additional switches are needed.
  • Asteroids extended scoring. This kit contains special code modifications derived from the Asteroids High Score Save Kit allowing scores up to 9,999,990 instead of the original 99,990. No more losing your high score when you roll over the 100K mark.
  • The on-screen interactive setup menu provides access to configure gameplay settings separately for each of the games including resetting the high score tables. No need to fiddle with DIP switches anymore.
  • Transfer your existing Asteroids high scores. If you currently own the Braze Technologies  Asteroids High Score Save Kit. You can transfer the high scores from that kit to the multigame kit using a simple procedure of moving a single chip from one kit to the other.
  • Transfer your existing Asteroids Deluxe high scores. The Asteroids Deluxe multigame version of this kit will automatically import your existing high scores from the EAROM chip the very first-time asteroids deluxe is played on the multigame.
  • Top 10 high scores and initials for Asteroids and Asteroids Deluxe are remembered permanently, long after the game has been powered off. No batteries to replace ever. Note: Original Asteroids did not save any scores and original Asteroids Deluxe only saved the top 3. There is no high score saving for Lunar Lander.
  • Easy to clear out the high scores when desired. Simply put the game into test mode, follow the instructions to get into setup mode from there, select the high score reset option for the desired game(s) and exit out.
  • Improved self-tests and diagnostics including new sound tests, new input tests, and enhanced memory diagnostics.
  • Asteroids software includes a new feature allowing the selection of EASY gameplay (original) versus HARD gameplay. This implementation is a result of merging the original Atari Asteroids software with a previously rare Atari Asteroids release. This later Asteroids release changed the game software in order to make the gameplay more difficult. The Asteroids Multigame allows selection of either difficulty level.
  • Atari released a second version of Asteroids Deluxe which had easier gameplay (probably due to complaints). In that revision, they added a DIP switch setting allowing selection of the original (hard) gameplay or the new (easy) version. This kit is based on the second release and allows selection of EASY or HARD gameplay via the setup menu.
  • Fixes the Asteroids "missing the last letter on the 10th score" bug. There is a bug in the Atari REV2 code whereby every time you start a game, the last letter (initial) in the 10th score is erased. The modified software on this kit fixes that errata.
  • The Lunar Landing implementation on the multigame gives visual feedback on the screen when selecting the mission type.
  • All 3 games have improved free play.


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