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  • Mylstar/MSF Multigame JAMMA PCB

Mylstar/MSF Multigame JAMMA PCB

Item #: MYLPCB
Currently not available to order
All-in-one design integrating video/CPU board and soundboard. Standard JAMMA connector with trackball header and optional Horiz & Vert video sync outputs.  Non-emulated hardware design replicating the original game board logic in FPGA.  Micro-controller based integrated sound board. We offer cabinet adapters, run the board in your Gottlieb cabinet - plug and play. (see below). Be sure to read over the Setup Instructions before ordering.
Supported games:
  • Argus
  • Q*Bert
  • Qbert's Qubes
  • Qbert's Qubes (Cocktail version)
  • Faster Harder More Challenging Q*bert
  • Mellow Yellow Q*Bert
  • Mad Planets
  • Krull
  • Reactor
  • Screw Loose
  • Three Stooges
Hardware features:
  • VGA video output port
  • Zero lag non-frame buffered display
  • VGA monitor support, onboard jumper to enable VGA
  • Flip screen option
  • Game EPROM images are loaded from USB flash drive
  • Knocker support for Q*Bert
Supported controls:
  • Separate Trackball (Reactor) and Spinner inputs (Mad Planets)
  • Joystick support for reactor, instead of Trackball
  • Button or Trackball support for Mad Planets instead of spinner
  • 8-way joystick angle mode
Hardware settings/options
  • Seamless boot-to-specific-game on power up
  • Rotate Screen 90 degree option (vertical games on horizontal monitor or horizontal games on vertical monitor)
  • Reactor high score patching option
  • Mad Planets fast boot option
  • Cocktail support for games which have a cocktail mode option

Latest update to add Argus to your pcb: Argus update. Be sure to update your board from the manufacturer's website before applying the Argus update.

Update Instructions:

  1. Install latest udpates from manufacturer's website
  2. Extract zip file to flash drive
  3. Update FPGA
  4. Update MENU
  5. Update MCU
  6. Load the Argus game ROMs, they're in the directory called 'argus'

Feature overview:

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