• Centipede Cabinet to JAMMA PCB Adapter

Centipede Cabinet to JAMMA PCB Adapter

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Centipede cabinet to JAMMA pcb adapter.  This will allow a JAMMA pcb to run in an original Centipede cabinet.  This will allow for a non destructive upgrade of your Centipede cabinet.
This adapter gives you these options...
  1. Replace your original failing pcb with a new modern JAMMA pcb.
  2. Upgrade your game to include multiple games:
    • 60 in 1:  Centipede & Millipede Multigame
    • Clay's Programmable PCB (ArcadeSD) :  Centipede, Millipede, Crystal Castles, Liberator & Missile Command.  Note:  The video output of Clay's board is upside down, you will have to modify your monitor's yoke connector to flip the picture or rotate the tube.  The game selction menu on the ArcadeSD PCB does not work well, its very difficult to select games.


  • Sync conversion from composite to separate positive horizonal and vertical sync
  • Trackball selectable from different types of common multigame jamma pcbs
Trackball jumper settings:
  1. 60 in 1 pcb in a Centipede upright :  Set the jumpers in the downward positions and the trackball output (player two joystick inputs) will be mapped to Centipede trackball 1 inputs.  For a cocktail, you will need to use a 60 in 1 trackball harness connected to the trackball connector two on the 60 in 1 pcb.  Be sure to set the dip switchs on DIP SW3 (on the pcb) to: #1= ON, #2=OFF, #3=ON and #4=OFF.  You will need to configure the JAMMA board in a cabinet with a joystick.
  2. Programmable pcb:  Set the jumpers in the upward positions and configure the games/controls with the ArcadeSD application or set the JAMMA board up in a cabinet with a joystick.

Note:  The original Atari trackball units (optic boards without the chip) are not compatible with new multigame JAMMA pcbs.  We offer new optic boards and new trackbball units, see below.

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