• Nintendo Power Supply Conversion Kit #3

Nintendo Power Supply Conversion Kit #3

Item #: NINPSCK3
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Nintendo power supply conversion kit #3. Eliminates the original troublesome linear power supply. Simple plug and play, see installation instructions for additional details. Dual AC input: 115v or 230v via jumper.
Replaces Nintendo power supply part number: 3D-0037 / TSF-CL-PP II / TZF TBB TWG.
Compabile games:
  • Bomb Bee
  • Heli-Fire
  • Hi-Spitter
  • Monkey Magic
  • Sheriff
  • Space Demon
  • Space Fever
  • Space Firebird
  • Space Launcher
  • Space Thunderbird
  • Others...
*** Installation Instructions ***
This kit includes switching power supply, interface adapter and power hookup wire.
Note:  This power supply does not supply +24 volts DC for the coin meter.

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