• Omega Race PCB
  • Omega Race PCB
  • Omega Race PCB
  • Omega Race PCB

Omega Race PCB

Item #: ORPCB
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This is a new replacement plug-and-play Omega Race PCB for the original Omega Race upright or cocktail arcade cabinet.

If you have a board purchased before May 2023 then get the latest Firmware Update 5/17/2023, version 1.7a.

Update features:

  • On-screen settings
  • configuration utility is no longer needed
  • Additional menu options

Included games:

  • Omega Race
  • Omega Chase
  • Vector Pole Position
  • Ripoff
  • Starcastle
  • Tempest
  • Vectrexagon
  • Worm Hole (vector Gyruss)
  • Bedlam
  • Armor Attack
  • Cosmic Chasm
  • Hex
  • Minestorm 2
  • Moonlander
  • Solar Quest

Note: To access the settings menu, turn the test switch on and press Player 1 and Player 2 start buttons at the same time. To switch between games press p1 and p2 at the same time.

This PCB requires a Micro SDHC Card (not included) for storing game settings.  Any size card is fine.

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