• Motorola M5000/M7000/KV-700 Multi-Cap B+ Filter Cap

Motorola M5000/M7000/KV-700 Multi-Cap B+ Filter Cap

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Motorola M5000, M7000, and KV-700 custom replacement B+ filter capacitor for raster black and white monitors. This custom cap is comprised of four 105-degree Nichicon caps.  The caps used in the original filter cap are no longer available, so alternative caps are used.

Reference part number: 23s10255b73.

Note: This item will also work in Midway B/W monitors PC161-900-1 and PC161-901-1 (0161-00013).

You will have to move the wiring from the original caps to the new replacement caps.

Designation Original Cap ValueNew Cap Value
C32A 600 µF - 100v680 µF - 100v
C32B400 µF - 125v470 µF - 160v
C32C200 µF - 50v220 µF - 50v
C32D20 µF - 200v22 µF - 250v


The short pins are on the positive side of the capacitors, and the long pin is for the ground.


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