• Vector Test Pattern Generator

Vector Test Pattern Generator

Item #: VTPG
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Vector Test Pattern Generator is a three-AA battery or USB powered test pattern generator for vector arcade monitors.
  • Test patterns: Diagonal cross, cross hatch, vertical/horizontal lines, box, cross  hair, and color gradients (for color monitors)
  • On-screen Menu
  • Battery level indicator
  • Power VTPG with USB or three AA batteries

Supported monitors:

  • Amplifone/Atari
  • Wells Gardner K6100
  • Wells Gardner K6400
  • Wells Gardner V2000
  • Electrohome G08-105 & G08-003
  • Electrohome G05-801
  • Electrohome G05-802
  • Electrohome G05-805
  • Vectrex


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