• Amplifone Color X/Y Flyback Transformer

Amplifone Color X/Y Flyback Transformer

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The Atari Amplifone vector video display flyback transformer. This part is a replacement for Atari / Ampliphone part number A201005-01, as well as the existing substitute version, PennTran / Wintron / VDC part number 926862802, as found in Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back and Major Havoc. Installation follows Atari's original service literature, and is simply a matter of removing the original part and installing the replacement part. This unit has been designed from the ground up specifically for the Atari Amplifone HV unit, and is *not* a surplus TV flyback that was "forced to fit and painted to match" for the occasion. Also, unlike the Wintron replacement, this unit solders directly to the original PC board mounting holes, and only requires the original focus and heater wires be connected individually (i.e. no harness to deal with).
Simple installation steps:
  1. Remove the old flyback
  2. Install the new flyback
  3. Connect the heater wire
  4. Connect the focus wire
  5. Voltage and shutdown adjustments should be performed

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