• Xevious High Score/Free Play Kit

Xevious High Score/Free Play Kit

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Xevious high score freeplay kit. Features:
  • The kit saves the top 5 high scores
  • Freeplay mode
  • Attract mode with freeplay

The high-score table can be reset by following the on screen instructions when the game powered on in Test Mode.

The high-score-saver kit plugs into the main CPU socket, there are no modifications needed to the xevious CPU board. Only the ROM at location 1M may need to be removed as there isn't a lot of clearance underneath the high-score board when plugged in. If a 40pin DIP socket is used on the bottom of the plug-in and then plugged into the CPU socket, there should be enough clearance to just leave ROM 1M in place.
*** Installation Instructions ***